Thanks Jay. You have been very good to work with; I feel like you are really looking out for the customer.

Clyde B- Camp Dresser Mckee Sr. Engineer

Thanks for everything.
It will be great to meet the team that has helped me so much. You guys are awesome. I thought it would be difficult being in Los Angeles and making a purchase in Houston, but you guys are the best.

Dianne B

“Secure Mortgage did an excellent job presenting my wife and I with a variety of options that made sense for our financial situation and worked expeditiously to help us choose the right one and close on our dream home. I would highly recommend their services to anyone interested in buying property and looking for a financing partner.”

Ramzi M. N
Chief Strategy Officer, Senior VP M&A
eLinear Solutions


Thank you, everything went flawlessly. You and your company are really on-the-ball and professional. We were exceptionally pleased with your company’s service.

Matt and Kathy M

Ball Park Mortgage,

With today’s complex mortgage options available, your comparison of the options with financial impact fantastic. Thanks again for helping us find the right loan!

Pat A

Ball Park Mortgage

My second loan with your group just closed and funded. Jackie, Todd, and you have done a great job of communicating with me throughout the process. I’ve been especially impressed with your team’s ability to get my loans closed quickly to meet our locked rates and deadlines.

Your help was extremely vital in researching the many different options for my lowest cost loan. The closer at the last title company indicated I had the lowest fixed rate on a home equity/cash-out that she had seen in this market.

Jackie is awesome at staying on top of the details so that nothing falls through the cracks. She really moves things along and gets it done on schedule.

Todd has been great at staying in touch, wrapping things up, reviewing the documents, and helping the closing to go smoothly.

Thanks Again!
Jennifer W

Dear Ball Park Team,

I just wanted to take a minute and thank everyone who worked with me on the home purchase at Coral Chase. As you know, we were very short on time and the listing agent wasn’t cooperating. I truly did not believe we would be able to close on Friday. Somehow, you all made it happen. So, thanks again for all the hard work and effort put forth on this closing. I will definitely be recommending all of you to anyone in the market for a home.

John S.
Project Engineer
Delmar Systems, Inc.

Hi All,

I just wanted to say THANKS for all your work on my behalf during the loan process.

It was a pleasure working with you guys – sorry, with “y’all;” my loan terms are outstanding (with the lease-back, seller cash, zip rebate, this whole deal only cost me about $800 and working with you was outstanding. I see why Jerry recommended your group.

I should move in around the 6th, and because this place was cheaper than many Californian’s cars, I can afford to do a nice interior facelift to make it really cool inside, rather than a Ferris Bueler’s Day Off 80’s flashback every time I walk into the bathroom.

I’m sure to throw some business your way….

Thanks again.

Dan C.

Dear Jay,

I wanted to take this opportunity to communicate to you, and your team, my appreciation and gratitude for the recent closing of our mutual client, Ms. Kelly Smith.

During this transaction, you handled all issues with efficiency and accuracy. the communication from your team was excellent. This allowed my client to feel very comfortable and confident during this time. This was her first home purchase, and her comfort level was something that I felt was truly important for her. I never doubted my decision in referring her to you, as I knew you would steer her in the right direction.

I also greatly appreciate the fact that you do your best to attend all closings for you clients. This takes a lot of pressure off of the agent, since you are there to answer any questions in regards to lending. As we both know, that is where most of the questions evolve. With our closing being rescheduled at the last minute, I was impressed that you were still able to attend. I could see that having you there put “our” client at ease. I definitely observed a comfortable relationship with you and the client. That confirms my trust in you as a lender. Thank you again for the smooth transaction. I appreciate the high level of communication, and will refer future clients to you as a result.

Mary T, Real Estate Agent
Zip Realty, Inc.


You are the man!

Thanks for the quick and professional refi!

It only took 3 weeks from initial contact to closing.

I truly appreciate your insight and timeliness.

Thanks again

Chuck H
Consultant – Application Programming
Direct First Mortgage Fulfillment


You and your team are absolutely the best – Thanks you so much for all that you did to get this approved in 7 days. I will highly recommend our family and friends to your company. Look forward to seeing you at the closing.

M McGann

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